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From Chaos To Clarity – Resolving Complex Divorce Issues Through Pre-Suit Mediation

Are you and your spouse/partner interested in resolving your divorce respectfully, confidentially and efficiently, with the least amount of trauma to your family?  Do you want to accomplish this at a reasonable cost without going to court?

There is an alternative to the court system which may make sense for you called pre-suit (also called pre-filing) mediation.  This type of mediation by-passes the legal process of filing divorce papers first, waiting for an answer, going through a lengthy discovery process, and completing mandatory mediation before going to trial, all based upon the court’s schedule and rules.  It allows you to craft agreements and resolve your entire dispute in a manner that is hand tailored for your family and does not place that responsibility in a judge’s hands.

When going through a divorce, there are many issues to be considered in reaching a final resolution. Discussing these details in mediation to create an agreeable plan before going to court can be a cost-effective solution that allows you to resolve these matters efficiently and respectfully without creating a public record of the details. A certified family law mediator can help you move through this process, saving you time, money and the emotional strain that comes with going to court. Mediation allows you to take control of the outcome, rather than putting decisions for these personal matters in a judge’s hands.  Negotiations within mediation are generally not admissible in court, should the mediation be unsuccessful.

The Law Office of Anita M. Johnson, PLLC, provides mediation services in the Naples area for divorcing couples. Mediator Anita Johnson is a Florida Supreme Court certified Family mediator. She has additional training from the Harvard Law School Executive Education Program on Negotiation – helping couples in solving difficult issues.

If all of the pieces of the divorce process are agreed upon, Anita can prepare the Marital Settlement Agreement – the culminating document that details all of the terms of your divorce, including a parenting plan if there are children involved. Ask her about preparation of other documents needed to complete the filing process with the Court.

Mediation can be conducted in an office setting or virtually. For virtual appointments, Ms. Johnson can work with you via your smartphone, laptop or desktop computer. Online signatures alleviate the need for physical presence in a designated office setting if you prefer a virtual appointment.

Talk To A Certified Family Law Mediator About Your Options

To get additional information about pre-suit mediation and its advantages, call 239-829-4742 or use the online intake form to set up an initial consultation. Ms. Johnson works as a mediator with couples in and around Naples.