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Finding Common Ground Through Mediation Services

At the Law Office of Anita M. Johnson, PLLC, attorney Anita Johnson is also a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator. She serves as a third-party neutral in divorce and family law cases, including parenting, equitable distribution, alimony, and child support issues. She has had additional training at the Harvard Law School’s Executive Education Program on negotiating with high conflict personalities. Ms. Johnson provides mediation services in Naples, Florida, and surrounding areas.

Mediation is an alternative form of dispute resolution that is quicker, less expensive and gives the parties the power to reach a mutually acceptable agreement that makes sense for their own family. This takes place in an informal setting, with a trained, neutral mediator who impartially guides the process towards a binding agreement, all with care, concern and empathy. Mediation encourages the parties to identify their issues and obstacles, explore options and craft creative resolutions to their specific complex disagreements.

Mediation can help couples who are separating their lives to do so in a less contentious and more efficient manner than in a courtroom setting that becomes a battleground for disputes.

As an attorney, Ms. Johnson represents clients in court battles and mediation, so she understands both processes. Court disputes are resolved by a judge, while mediation is an alternative process that gives the parties themselves the power to fairly and less expensively dissect their issues and come to a reasonable agreement.

Attorney Johnson’s Approach To Mediation

As a mediator, Ms. Johnson has these specific goals:

  • Allowing parties to express themselves in a safe, confidential setting, neutralizing negative emotions and hostility
  • Providing an environment for parties to identify their own issues
  • Giving parties the power to make creative decisions that work for their family with a simpler, more equitable solution to disputes
  • Helping the parties craft an agreement that they like and can follow
  • Taking away the financial and emotional burden of a lengthy court process

Creative Set-Up For Mediation

Ms. Johnson prefers to review, before mediation, documents that provide a snapshot of the instant case so there is no time wasted at mediation.

Unlike most mediators, Ms. Johnson brings her laptop and printer to mediation, and can prepare, modify and share documents as they are being negotiated. She prints out and labels negotiations that go back and forth between the parties so there is no confusion about the flow of the mediation.

Ms. Johnson’s Mediation Services

For questions about scheduling your case for mediation, contact Ms. Johnson directly at 239-829-4742 or complete the online contact form.