Devoted To Helping Families

Finding Innovative Resolutions To Family Law Challenges

When you are impacted by a family law matter, it can result in a fragile balance of confusing and upsetting emotional and business decisions. Trying to manage the situation by yourself can seem overwhelming. Attorney Johnson is adept at dissecting your issues within a calm and friendly office environment.

Ms. Johnson of The Law Office of Anita M. Johnson, PLLC, located in Naples, has chosen to focus 100% on serving families in her law practice. She understands the developmental needs of children and excels at framing client options with the best possible outcome. She empowers her clients to make the right decisions for their lives and the lives of their children.

A Lawyer For Critical Family Law Needs

Not all family law issues relate directly to divorce, but many of them are centered on changes to the family structure. The Law Office of Anita M. Johnson, PLLC, can help you with the following issues among others:

Anita seeks to provide an understanding and compassionate environment for all her clients. Her goal is to reduce stress for her clients and help them determine how best to plan their post-divorce future.

Negotiating Marital Settlement Agreements

Despite numerous books and movies highlighting the drama of litigated divorces, most marriage dissolutions are settled through negotiation. Anita is well-equipped to facilitate a fair and equitable divorce settlement; in addition to being a Florida Supreme Court-certified family law mediator, she has also completed coursework at the Harvard Law School Executive Education Program on negotiation. She is also a Certified Financial Litigator accredited by the American Academy for Certified Financial Litigators.

These credentials can provide you with the confidence that she can skillfully represent your interests, even in tense negotiation sessions, or in situations where the other side is behaving aggressively or disingenuously. With a skilled divorce mediation lawyer overseeing your case, you can reduce adversarial contact and save time, money and peace of mind.

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