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Skilled Guidance To Navigate Divorce Between Older Adults

When you get divorced nearing retirement age, it can be especially upsetting and challenging. Beyond the pain coming from the end of a relationship offering companionship in your later years, there is the matter of your retirement finances having been structured with the assumption you would be married and sharing assets and property.

The Law Office of Anita M. Johnson, PLLC’s founding lawyer can guide you through the crafting of a divorce settlement, regardless of the age of the parties involved. She is detail-oriented and aware of containing costs as a settlement moves through the negotiation phase or litigation when necessary. She emphasizes proactive planning to increase the chances of all parties entering the process with reasonable expectations and a fair marriage settlement agreement (MSA) resulting from negotiation, mediation or litigation.

Key Issues For “Gray Divorces”

All divorces have some similarities in what must be divided in the MSA. However, in a divorce between older adults, some factors weigh more heavily than others, including:

  • Social Security earnings
  • Pension/retirement account distributions
  • Alimony/spousal support after the divorce
  • Medical insurance costs
  • Life insurance beneficiary designations
  • Inheritance concerns

These are all complex issues that must be dealt with on an individual basis. The division of assets per Florida law must be equitable (fair), although it may not necessarily be equal. This may involve calculating the present value of a pension, the splitting of a retirement account or awarding the nonearning spouse other assets to compensate for the release of their share of a pension.

At The Law Office of Anita M. Johnson, PLLC, Anita understands the complexities that come with divorce at this stage in life. She ensures that her clients fully understand their options in divorce and can make decisions that protect their future.

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