Devoted To Helping Families

A Law Firm Focused 100% On Family Matters

Anita Johnson founded the Law Office of Anita M. Johnson, PLLC, as a law firm devoted 100% to divorce and family law. You can count on receiving individual attention from Anita to the unique circumstances that you bring to your divorce. No one understands more than Anita the issues facing children and families.

Anita Johnson has a meticulous, empathetic and reasonably priced approach to discussing, evaluating and crafting a personalized plan that works for you. She recognizes that there are two journeys taking place side by side through a divorce — the emotional side and the business side. She works to empower every client to maintain or restore their self-confidence while attending to the business side of the divorce process. She knows that high-conflict personalities can play havoc on families within the court system and works diligently and effectively to replace individual gamesmanship with focused, productive results.

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Emphasizing Planning To Facilitate Your Success

In her law practice, attorney Johnson’s focus is on upfront planning, candid and straightforward conversations about your goals, setting reasonable expectations for the process and discussing how to achieve a favorable outcome. This will result in your firm understanding of the path to follow, your awareness of obstacles in your case that may cause delay or expense, and your role in the process.

Whether your goals are accomplished through litigation, mediation, negotiation, trial or a combination of these, Anita will lead you through each step of the way in a manner that is decisive, fair, empathetic and without unnecessary expense.

Getting A Divorce Using Practical Solutions and Reasonable Costs

It’s a fact that 98% of divorce and family law cases settle in mediation. Because of this, Anita uses an approach focused on negotiation to evaluate your case and provide a road map to follow. She educates her clients on potential outcomes, using a less acrimonious and litigious approach to cases, and focuses on settlement, not delays and wasted time and money.

She is one of the limited number of family law attorneys who are Certified Family Law Financial Litigators. This knowledge helps guide you in evaluating your financial profile and creating a settlement that is the most advantageous to your future lifestyle and family’s support.

Anita encourages utilizing mediation to sort through and settle contested issues, saving money and working toward an acceptable agreement for both parties. Mediation allows the parties to make their own decisions and be more detailed and creative in their solutions, rather than having a judge decide your future. Nonetheless, if necessary, Ms. Johnson will assertively represent your rights and preferences in court in an assertive and aggressive manner, as she continues to display practicality and empathy toward you as an individual.

Discuss Your Case With A Strategic And Understanding Divorce Lawyer

To discover what Anita can do for you, schedule an introductory appointment by calling the firm’s office in Naples at 239-829-4742 or use this website’s convenient online contact form.